Where do you think your mind is when you’re asleep?

  • Where do you think ‘you’ or your ‘Mind’ is when you’re asleep?
    Any ideas?
    I want to share a few personal paranormal occurrences over the next few weeks – happenings that have prompted the above question, because I feel certain that most of you will have similar experiences. Have you?
  • Some years ago a friend, called Robin, came to spend the weekend. He didn’t leave for the five-hour drive to his home until after dinner. It was late when he set out and I was concerned that he might fall asleep, but he assured me he was fine and wouldn’t. I’d been sleeping soundly when woken by a dream in which I was screaming at Robin to wake up. I lay awake unable to rid myself of the image of blinding red and white lights. Early the next morning I was woken by the telephone. It was Robin. He told me that he’d fallen asleep on the motorway and would have been killed if it hadn’t been for me screaming at him in a dream, telling him to wake up. He said his eyes snapped open to find himself accelerating into the back of a lorry – he was so close to impact the lorries rear lights were almost touching his bonnet.
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